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You are the best! My hair transplant makes me feel like I am in my thirties (I am in my sixties) with a great hairline to match! Not only does it make me look younger, but also it adds to my self-confidence.


Thank you again for your professionalism and caring attitude throughout my procedure. Your efforts, which were above and beyond what a patient might expect, go the heart of what makes you an exception as a great Dr.


I am so happy I found Dr. Feinberg for my hair loss problem. I needed a transplant and Dr. Feinberg and his staff were wonderful when they did the procedure. Thank you for making me feel so much better about myself.


I want to thank Dr. Feinberg and his team of professionals for making my hair transplant a positive experience. The results are better than I expected. Not only do I look younger, but I feel better about myself.


I would recommend anyone looking to have this procedure done to visit Dr. Feinberg. If you are like me and had a bad experience the 1st time, or if this is your first time, the only complaint I have is that I wish I would have gone to Dr. Feinberg years ago.


Dr. Feinberg is an honest and very skilled physician. I was very self-conscious about my hair loss and looked to Dr. Feinberg’s expertise and guidance to make me feel confident again. During our consultation he let me know what was a realistic expectation.


My experience with Dr. Feinberg and his staff was most gratifying. I went into my hair transplant with great trepidation but I left with a secure feeling of success. The staff was friendly, efficient and comforting. My outcome far exceeded my expectations.


I knew exactly what to expect and his staff made the experience a very positive one. I had a second transplant about two years after the first one and (I’m) very satisfied with the results. The entire office staff was pleasant, helpful, encouraging and professional.


He made my very obvious transplant hairline into a more normal hairline for someone my age. He took away my embarrassment. No longer do people look at my hairline, they now look into my eyes. Instead of hearing “wow that’s a hair transplant", I now get complemented on what a nice head of hair I have.


I shopped around quite a bit. More importantly, I felt very secure in my decision immediately. His staff of professionals are equally qualified technicians in their perspective skill sets and, more importantly, wonderful people. I have had eight procedures over a period of ten years and (I’m) completely satisfied and delighted with the results.


I consulted with other doctors about hair transplantation, but Dr. Feinberg and his staff made me feel at ease and confident in their surgical process. As a young woman, I wanted results that look as natural as possible (who doesn’t?) and Dr. Feinberg has definitely made that a reality.