Hair Transplant Reviews and Testimonials

Read our hair transplant reviews from Dr. Feinberg’s satisfied patients. Dr. Feinberg has been doing hair transplants for over 30 years. The results speak for themselves. Looking for hair transplant surgeon who can give you great results? Book a consultation now.

Hair Transplant Reviews, Testimonial About Great Hair Transplant by Dr. Feinberg

You are the best! My hair transplant makes me feel like I am in my thirties (I am in my sixties) with a great hairline to match! Not only does it make me look younger, but also it adds to my self-confidence.

Thank You,

Hair Transplant Reviews, Testimonial About Awesome Hair Transplant by Dr. Feinberg

I just wanted to thank you again for your professionalism and caring attitude throughout my procedure.

Your efforts, which were above and beyond what a patient might expect, go the heart of what makes you an exception as a great Dr. and human being.

You’re simply the best!

Hair Transplant Reviews, Testimonial About Great Hair Transplant by Dr. Feinberg

I had hair transplant surgery done 15 years ago. The experience I had with my first hair transplant was very, very painful so I hesitated to do the procedure again for 15 years, fearing the pain from surgery again. I recently wanted to finish the procedure and searched high and low for an excellent doctor. I recently visited a few doctors, and being more knowledgeable of the procedure, and having access to the world-wide-web, I met with a few doctors.While visiting Dr. Feinberg’s office, I was amazed at the time he took to explain how the procedure has changed in 15 years. His unique and skilled ways he has developed in the process of 30 years of experience in hair transplantation, the professional attitude of him and his staff made the difficult step of doing the procedure again a easy decision for me .

Going home and doing some research on him, and seeing excellent reviews, made my decision easy. After the procedure was done I was amazed how professional he and his staff were. I felt no pain in the procedure, and I said to myself it was a blessing I found him. I wished I knew now that if the procedure is done by a skilled surgeon like Dr. Feinberg, I would have done the procedure again years ago. They took their time, with no rushing, and made the experience 1,000 times more pleasant than my previous surgery 15 years ago.

I would recommend anyone looking to have this procedure done to visit Dr. Feinberg and his staff. If you are like me and had a bad experience the first time, or if this is your first time, the only complaint I have is that I wish I would have gone to Dr. Feinberg years ago.

MH, New York

Hair Transplant Reviews, Testimonial About Great Hair Transplant by Dr. Feinberg

I am so happy I found Dr. Feinberg for my hair loss problem. I needed a transplant and Dr. Feinberg and his staff were wonderful when they did the procedure.

I thank Dr. Feinberg and staff for making me feel so much better about myself.


Hair Transplant Reviews, Testimonial About Hair Transplant by Dr. Feinberg

Dr. Feinberg is an honest and very skilled physician. I was very self-conscious about my hair loss and looked to Dr. Feinberg’s expertise and guidance to make me feel confident again. During our consultation he let me know what was a realistic expectation.

I now feel and look so much better about myself and my appearance. He created a very natural hairline and I am able to style my hair as I wish. Dr. Feinberg and staff were always patient and informative. No question was too silly. I highly recommend this dr. to any woman with hair thinning/loss.


Hair Transplant Reviews, Testimonials About Great Hair Transplant by Dr. Feinberg

I want to thank Dr. Feinberg and his team of professionals for making my hair transplant a positive experience. The results are better than I expected. Not only do I look younger, but I feel better about myself.


Hair Transplant Reviews, Hair Transplant Reviews, Testimonials About Great Hair Transplant by Dr. Feinberg

My experience with Dr. Feinberg and his staff was most gratifying. I went into my hair transplant with great trepidation but I left with a secure feeling of success. The staff was friendly, efficient and comforting. My outcome far exceeded my expectations.


Hair Transplant Reviews, Testimonials About Amazing Hair Transplant by Dr. Feinberg

I just wanted to share my experience with you all about my Robotic Hair Transplant which was just done this past Wednesday, June 13th 2012. I have had a few Follicular Unit Transplants in the past until recently where Dr. Feinberg used the Artus Robotic System to perform my Follicular Unit Extraction.
I was relaxed, no pain whatsoever, and was amazed how this image-guided robotic arm was able to separate the follicular units so precisely. This double punch system is amazing not to mention the quality of the hair grafts that was inserted around my scalp. These grafts were much better for harvesting. The staff and Dr. Feinberg was fantastic during my procedure. There is no more single-strip harvesting from the back of my scalp and no more staples. It truly is amazing.

I experienced no pain the first night and went back to work the next day. Two days later I stopped by for a follow-up visit and was amazed how the healing process started with little visibility of where my grafts were removed by the robot. I would never go back again having the traditional procedure.

This is the next generation and in time all procedures will be done by the Artus System. Once again, thank you Dr. Feinberg and your wonderful staff for making my experience painless!!


Hair Transplant Reviews, Testimonials About Great Hair Transplant by Dr. Feinberg

About five years ago I was very upset about my thinning hair. I knew that I wanted to do something since over-the-counter remedies were not working for me. My hairdresser suggested I look into hair replacement. I made an appointment with a doctor in New York City, since an acquaintance of mine had used him. When I left his office I was so upset by the experience that I told my husband there was no way I would ever do that.
My hairdresser recommended Dr. Feinberg. This time I left the consultation feeling not only encouraged but that I was in the hands of an extremely professional, competent doctor. I knew exactly what to expect and his staff made the experience a very positive one. I had a second transplant about two years after the first one and (I’m) very satisfied with the results. The entire office staff was pleasant, helpful, encouraging and professional.


Hair Transplant Reviews, Testimonials About Great Hair Transplant by Dr. Feinberg

 When I was in my thirties I started to lose my hair. My wife was seeing a dermatologist for some minor problem, and upon looking at my hair, he suggested I have a hair transplant. Without much thought or research I scheduled the procedure, and had the transplant. The procedure left me with a very artificial hairline with many visible clumps of hair coming out of obvious surgical holes. From that day on I always thought people were looking at my hairline and not at my eyes when we were having a conversation.
After many years of wearing caps and trying to hide my poorly done transplants, I started to talk to Dr. Herbert Feinberg about a possible fix. This time after much research and waiting for my kids to finish college, my wife and I decided to fix the hairline.
Dr. Feinberg first removed the old implants and replaced them with single hairs. He made my very obvious transplant hairline into a more normal hairline for someone my age. He took away my embarrassment. No longer do people look at my hairline, they now look into my eyes. Instead of hearing “wow that’s a hair transplant”, I now get complemented on what a nice head of hair I have.


Hair Transplant Reviews, Testimonials About Great Hair Transplant by Dr. Feinberg

“Going bald was not an option for me”. When I first met Dr. Feinberg, right away I knew he was the right physician for me to partner up with. He exudes confidence, knowledge and as a pioneer in his industry, I felt there was no one better at his craft.
I shopped around quite a bit. More importantly, I felt very secure in my decision immediately. His staff of professionals are equally qualified technicians in their perspective skill sets and, more importantly, wonderful people. I have had eight procedures over a period of ten years and (I’m) completely satisfied and delighted
with the results.


Hair Transplant Reviews, Testimonials About NJ Hair Transplant by Dr. Feinberg

 I consulted with other doctors about hair transplantation, but Dr. Feinberg and his staff made me feel at ease and confident in their surgical process.
As a young woman, I wanted results that look as natural as possible (who doesn’t?) and Dr. Feinberg has definitely made that a reality.