Frontal Hair Transplant Before and After Photos

Dr. Feinberg has over 30 years’ experience with hair transplants and restoration, including frontal hair transplant surgery. He produces the high-quality, natural results with state-of-the-art technology. Book a consultation with Dr. Feinberg and get started now.

Ludwig Frontal Transplant

Case 1: Before and After Photos

Frontal hair transplant patient results, treatment of a 51 year old woman, 900 micro-grafts, 1,600 hairs, like a Norwood I bi-frontal recession



Case 2: Before and After Photos

Patient results, treatment of a 34 year old woman, 925 micro-grafts, 1,975 hairs, typical Ludwig frontal thinning, note increased frontal density and improved hair quality

Frontal hair transplant

Case 3: Before and After Photos

Patient results, treatment of a 63 year old woman, 700 micro-grafts, 1,725 hairs, like a Norwood 3, she has a “male-pattern” type bi-frontal recession, transplant restored a more natural female hairline.

Frontal hair transplant

Case 4: Before and After Photos

Patient results, 30 year old woman, 725 follicular units, 1,500 hairs to normalize a thinning frontal hairline.

Frontal hair transplant

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