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Protecting Your Hair in Harsh Winter Conditions

This winter, take proactive steps to keep your hair healthy and happy in the harsh winter conditions. At The New Jersey Hair Transplant Center, Dr. Herbert Feinberg and his highly-trained staff have the resources and expertise you need for hair that’s youthfully thick and full. If you have any questions about hair care or are interested in completely natural hair restoration for male or female pattern baldness, schedule a consultation with us today.

Keep Your Hair Moisturized

The relentless onslaught of cold winter air means your scalp is going to be in a constant fight to stay moisturized and well-hydrated. In order to keep your hair from drying out, make sure you keep your hair as hydrated as possible using advanced conditioners and hydrating serums or creams. Always follow-up your showers or shampoo sessions with conditioner in order to seal in moisture and keep your hair from drying out once you leave home for the day.

While regular shampooing should be an essential step of everyone’s hair care routine, consider doing it less during the winter. Over-washing your hair can strip the scalp of its natural oils, making your hair more brittle and less lush. If you shampoo on a near daily basis, consider bumping it down to two or three times per week. While this may not be as viable of an option for men and women with oily hair who are used to daily washing, it can make a marked improvement in your scalp’s overall health if it makes sense for you.

Put Down the Hair Dryer

During the winter, your hair will be fighting harsh winter air while outdoors and dry, heated air while indoors. With no relief in sight for your hair in the months ahead, the last thing you want to do is excessively heat your hair and your scalp. While it can be time-consuming, allowing your hair to dry naturally before leaving the house will avoid unnecessary heat that can dry out your scalp and create dandruff.

Ditch the Tight Ponytail

Excessive tension on the roots of your hair can not only be uncomfortable, but it can also cause temporary hair loss. Traction alopecia is a type of hair loss caused by overly-tight hairdos and excessive hair pulling that can damage follicles. While the hair loss caused by traction alopecia is reversible, avoiding tight ponytails and braids is a great idea to keep your hair healthy, no matter the time of year.

Don’t Leave the House with Wet Hair

If you are in a hurry, leaving the house with wet hair can sometimes be inevitable. But, if you can make time to dry your hair naturally before heading out, your scalp and hair will surely thank you. Exposing wet or damp hair to freezing temperatures increases the risk for breakage and can make your color fade. If you currently wash your hair in the morning, switching to evening washes can give you time to allow your hair to dry naturally without having to use a blow-dryer in the morning.

Keep Your Hair Covered Up with a Winter Hat

The best method to protect your hair from the winter elements is to keep it covered while outdoors. Hats, scarves and all manner of headwear will keep the cold temperatures from sapping the moisturize right out of your vulnerable scalp and fragile hair. Just be sure that your choice of headwear is not so tight that it impedes circulation to your scalp. Your hair needs all the nutrients it can get and limiting blood flow will only make matters worse.

Keep Your Ends Trimmed

Everyone knows split ends are no fun. Unfortunately, as the tips of your hair are constantly exposed to cold weather and dry air they can become inevitable. In order to keep your hair silky smooth and healthy all winter long, schedule regular trims to eliminate your dry and split ends.

Wait for Spring to Re-Color Your Hair

If you dye your hair, especially if it’s platinum or blonde, consider waiting until warmer weather rolls around before your next touch-up appointment. Dyeing your hair a lighter color can be incredibly damaging, especially if it’s done incorrectly or using poor quality products. Give your hair a break over the winter while it fights the elements by waiting until spring to go for your new or updated look.

Advanced Hair Care at The New Jersey Hair Transplant Center

Your hair says a lot about you; make sure it says the right things. Keep your hair moisturized and well-hydrated this winter by taking the right steps. Practicing good hair care year-round will not only keep your hair looking great, it can also help you keep it for longer. If aging has started to strip you of your youthful, thick hair and you’re tired of watching your hairline recede more and more, schedule a consultation with Dr. Feinberg to learn about natural hair restoration.

Using the ARTAS 9x hair restoration system, Dr. Feinberg and his expert staff can effectively transform your hair using the latest technology. Call 201-568-6977 to schedule your consultation with us today and learn more.

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