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The New Jersey Hair Transplant Center

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The New Jersey Hair Transplant Center

  • A world leader in hair restoration for more than 30 years
  • Dr. Herbert Feinberg is a world-renowned dermatologist
  • He is a pioneer in Hair Transplantation and Medical Hair Restoration

The New Jersey Hair Transplant Center: Best Hair Restoration Methods

Dr. Feinberg Hair Transplant - Norwood 5a photo result with frontal tuft



  • The traditional method
  • popular for the past 25 years
  • a strip of donor scalp is removed from the back of the head


  • individual follicular units are punched out with the ARTAS Robot
  • it creates more pristine grafts,
  • it adjusts to variations in the way hair exits the scalp in microseconds
  • does not leave a linear scar in the back of the scalp but is not completely scarless

Are you a candidate for a hair transplant?

Dr. Feinberg Hair Transplant - Norwood 3a photo result
  • Age is a significant factor in considering a surgical approach. The cut-off age commonly suggested is 22. The reasoning is by this age, the degree of future balding might best be evaluated. At the other extreme, being too old is something to consider, but there is a difference in one’s chronological and biological age. I’ve transplanted a few people in their early 80s with very satisfactory results.
  • Your family’s history of baldness
  • Self-image is most important. How you feel about yourself should be a major factor in selecting anything you might do to improve your appearance.
  • Medical considerations. Assuming good health, one must have enough donor hair to make the transplant worthwhile. There are some patients who aren’t good candidates because of poor donor density or some physical problem that might may a surgical procedure risky.
  • Financial considerations. Cosmetic surgery is expensive, so you should have a realistic expectation of cost, especially if more than one session is required.
  • Your expectations. A very bald 60 year old can never regain the hair density of a teenager.
Dr. Feinberg Hair Transplant - Norwood 2a photo result

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