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Why You Should Consider Robotic FUE Hair Restoration

The Description, Process, and Features of ARTAS Robotic (FUE) - A New Method of Harvesting Follicular Units

FUE Hair Restoration

Robotic follicular unit excision (FUE), is one of the best ways to harvest hair follicles. In New Jersey, ARTAS hair transplant was first used by Dr. Feinberg, and we've been a proponent of this technology ever since. While robotic hair restoration requires a longer follicle excision time, we tend to see better follicular units with this method. The ARTAS robot is able to identify and delicately harvest hair better than a manual excision method. By evaluating hair by thickness and angles, we are able to use the prime hair from the back of your scalp to eventually give you a fuller head of hair. To decide if this procedure is right for you, please schedule a consultation during which we can discuss your hair restoration goals, your lifestyle and the potential FUE hair transplant cost for your case. We were the first to bring FUE hair transplant to New Jersey, so we understand this method and technology better than anyone else. Contact our friendly staff for answers to all your questions. We care about providing the best experience for you, and a robotic FUE hair transplant may be exactly what you need to bring back a younger you!
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Robotic Harvesting

ARTAS Artificial Intelligenceā„¢ algorithms are used to identify & select your prime hair for harvesting while maintaining the look of your donor area.

Robotic Accuracy

With micron level accuracy and precision, hair is identified and delicately harvested using a complex algorithm which selects the best hairs for your transplant.

Eliminated Human Error

ARTAS outperforms manual FUE by reducing transection through robotic analysis of hair angles & thickness. Imaging is superior with High-Definition Stereoscopic Vision.

The Process Of Robotic FUE

To harvest the grafts, the back of the head must be shaved. The numbers of grafts that can be harvested are about the same as with follicular unit excision (FUT). The Follicular Units (FUs) are removed from the scalp and placed in dishes with a cold preservative solution. The placement is the same as with follicular unit excision (FUT). The bald scalp is outlined and injected with a local anesthetic. Tiny openings are created with varying sized needles and the FUs are inserted manually.
The Robotic transplant takes about 2 hours longer than the traditional FUT. Post-op, as with a FUT procedure, the transplanted hairs fall out over a few weeks, and the new hairs regrow in and about three to five months. Most people look their best in about eight to ten months. Future balding and the desire for increased density dictates the need for future sessions.
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Before and After ARTAS

Top hair transplant results using the world's most advanced FUE Hair Transplant System. There is no scalpel, stitches or linear scar.

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